The Master of Prayer

There was once a Prayer Leader who was always busy with prayer and songs of praise to the Almighty Blessed be He, and he dwelt away from inhabited places. His custom was, sometimes he used to go into a settlement and he would visit some person. Usually he would go into small people, paupers and such like, and with this person he would start a discussion about the purpose of the whole world: that in truth there is no purpose in the world, only to serve G-d while one is alive, and that our years be spent altogether in prayer to the Blessed Name, with songs and hymns of praise to the L-rd etc.

He used to talk a great deal with the person in such terms as to awaken the other, till his talk entered right into the other’s heart, till that person was willing to join him. As soon as the person was in agreement with him, he immediately took him and led him to his place that he had outside the inhabited area (away from dwellings, not where people lie) because the Prayer Leader had chosen for himself a spot away from human inhabitation where there was a brook, and fruit trees were also there, and they used to feed on the fruits. About clothes, they had no concern; what one wore, one wore, and this was the custom of the Prayer Leader always, that he went into the settlement, and would persuade people to follow his lead, that they should only serve G-d Blessed be He and should only busy themselves with prayers etc.

And whoever listened to him, he would take him away and lead him to his place outside the settlements etc. There they were only busy with prayers and hymns of praise to G-d, and confessions and fastings and self-denial (denying the body) and repentance and such like. The Prayer Leader would give them his writings (books), that he had about prayers and songs and praises and confessions, and they always used to be busy with these, till it was found among his people that he had led there, those that were also capable of bringing people to the L-rd.

He would sometimes give permission also to one of his followers to go into these inhabited places and awaken people to the L-rd, that they should only serve G-d. Such was his custom.

Always people followed him, and he took them out of the settlement etc., till there was an outcry in the world (the thing was noticed in the world), and the matter began to become public, because suddenly people were missing from the country, and nobody knew where they had got to. One missed a son, another a son-in-law, and nobody knew where they were, till it was discovered that there exists a Prayer Leader who goes about persuading people to the L-rd.

But to catch him was not possible, for the Prayer Leader acted with great wisdom, and to each he came in a different disguise. To one he came disguised as a pauper, and to another as a merchant, and yet to another in a different disguise.

In addition to this, when he came to talk with a person, if he understood that with this person he would not succeed in his wish, he used to confuse the person with talk in such a way that was impossible to get the idea that he meant this—that he wanted to lead this person to the L-rd—and it was not possible to become aware that this was his intention. Although in truth his aim was only this, for whatever he discussed and talked with people, he meant only this—that he should lead to G-d. Once he understood that he would not succeed with someone, his talk was cleverly turned that the other thought he did not mean this at all (for this reason the Prayer Leader could not be caught).

So the Prayer Leader kept on busying himself in this matter etc. till there was an outcry and it became famous in the world, and they wanted to catch him, but this was not possible etc. So the Prayer Leader and his followers dwelt away from the inhabited places, and they were occupied only with prayers and hymns of praise to G-d Blessed be He, and confessions and fasting, self-denial and repentance.

The Prayer Leader was able to provide for each (he should give each one) whatever he needed. If he marked in one of this followers that according to his intellect he needed for service of the L-rd that he should be clothed in golden embroidery, he would provide him with this, and also the opposite. Sometimes he got a follower, a man of wealth that he took out of the settlement, and he understood that this wealthy man needed to wear tatters, so he clothed him as he know how. Exactly how much it was necessary to provide each individual with, so he provided him.

To the people that he had brought near to G-d a fast and the greatest self-denial were dearer than all the pleasures in the world. For they had more enjoyment in the greatest self-castigation and in fasting than in all the pleasures in the world.

Came the day. There was a country where there was enormous wealth. They were all rich, but the conduct of the country was very mean, because everything was conducted according to wealth. Each one’s station and each one’s honor was only measured by his wealth. It was decreed by them, that he who owns so may thousands or tens of thousands in cash, is entitled to such and such a rank and honor, and he who owns such and such an amount of money is entitled to a different rank, and thus all degrees with them depended on the money which each possessed, and the one who possessed such and such wealth, according to the decree set out, that one becomes King.

Thus they had flags, that he who possesses so much money comes under this flag, and he who possesses so much money comes under a different flag, and he is entitled to the rank and honor and the flag, all according to his riches. They made legal provisions for everybody, how much money he must possess to merit such rank and such a flag, and how much money he must own to come under a different flag and there to have some rank and some honor. And thus each individual’s honor and his standing, all was only according to his riches that he possessed, as they had decreed on every rank and honor how much money it was necessary to have. Ad thus it was decreed by them: If he has only so much money, he is an ordinary person, if he has still less, then he is not even a man, but he is an  animal or bird (it is just an animal which looks like a person), and with them they were animals and birds; if he had only such a small amount of money, he is only a lion, that is a human lion, and if he has such a small amount, then he is only a fowl. Thus they had other animals and birds, because the one who had little money, that one they did not regard as a man, but he was only an animal or a bird, for with them money was the main things, and the standing and honor of each individual was only according to money.

It was heard throughout the world that there existed such a country. The Prayer Leader gave a very heavy groan at this, and he said, “Who knows whereto these people can stray through this!”

So there were some among his followers, and without asking his opinion they got up and went to that country in order that they should lead them out of this, for they (the followers of the Prayer Leader) had great pity on the country that had been so misguided in the passion for money, and especially as the Prayer Leader said that they could be misled even further. Because of this, the men of the Prayer Leader went to that country, perhaps they would succeed in guiding them out of their foolishness.

They came into that country and they went in to probably a small person who was called there an animal, and they began to argue with him that in truth money is no end goal at all and the main aim is only service of G-d etc. That one would not listen to them, because it was already rooted in their minds that the main things was only money. And thus they argued with another, and he would also not listen to them, and as they wanted to argue further with him, he answered them (the person with whom they talked answered them): “I have no more time to talk with you.” They asked him why.

He answered, “We must all go out of this country into a different country, for we have seen that the main goal is only money, and for this reason we have decided to go to such a country where money is made (Where there is a kind of earth out of which is made gold and silver). Therefore, we must now all go to that country.”

Also they had decided that they wanted to have stars and fortunes also (stars and fortunes that are in heaven), that he who owns so and so much money according to the amount that they had decided, that one should be a star, because if he owns so much money, he also has the power of the star, since through that star, the gold grows, since the existence of earth from which gold is made is because of the stars, through which there grows the earth from which gold is made. If the person has so much money, them he has the power of the star, and therefore he himself is a star (Thus they spoke in that country according to their having strayed in the matter of money).

Likewise they said that they also wanted astrological fortunes, that is, if one has so and so much money, according to the sum that they had decreed there, that one will become an astrological fortune. And thus they created for themselves angels, all according to money, till they resolved that they would have gods also, that he who will possess a great deal of money—so and so many thousand millions—according to the sum that they had there decreed, that one will be a god, since if G-d gives him so much money, then he himself must be a god.

Again they said that it was not fitting to live in the air of this world, and they need not be together with other people, in order that the latter should not contaminate them, because all other people in the world were unclean compared to them. For this reason they decided to search for very high mountains which are higher than the whole world, and there they would dwell, so as to be higher than the world.

They sent people to search for high mountains. They found very high mountains, and the whole country went and settled there on the high mountains. That is, on one mountain there settled a party of people from the country (a town) and thus also on the next mountain etc., and they made around the mountain a strong defense and great trenches round the mountain, till it was not possible that anybody should come near them for there was no more than one secret road to the mountain, so no other person could possible come near them. The same on the other mountain also and thus by all the mountains, they built defenses etc. etc. They placed guards far from the mountains and conducted themselves in this manner etc., and they had many gods (according to money etc.), because with them the main thing was money.

Now, since through much money one was a god to them, they were afraid of murder and robbery, since each one would murder and rob in order to become a god by means of the money he had robbed. But, they said, since the one who possesses money is a god, he will guard himself against robberies and assassinations. They agreed upon services and sacrifices, that sacrifices be brought and prayers offered to the gods in order, by these means, to gain money, and they used to bring persons a sacrifices, and they used to sacrifice themselves to the gods, in order that he (i.e. the sacrifice) become part of the god, and afterwards he will be reincarnated and will be very wealthy, for their principal faith was money. They had prayers and sacrifices and censers with which to serve their gods (those who possessed much money). And despite all this, the country was doubtless full of assassinations and robberies, since the one who did not believe in the services, he was a murderer and a robber in order to possess money, because the main thing with them was money, since through money everything could be bought, food and apparel, and most important thing in people\s lives came through money. For this reason they regarded money as the principal faith (this was always their foolish misguided idea).

They endeavored always that the money should not diminish, for the money comprised their faith and their god for them; on the contrary, one must contrive to bring money into the country from other places. So merchants from among them used to go to other places for commercial dealings, in order to gain money, so as to bring even more money into the country. Charity was of course strictly forbidden with them, since how may one give away the money that G-d gave him? When they regarded it as most important to have money, how then may one give it away? Therefore it certainly was a sin with them to give charity.

They had officials, that is, persons were appointed thereto, that they should check every one to see whether he has as much as he claims for each one had to produce evidence of his wealth at all times, in order that he retain the standing and the honor he enjoyed according to his money. (All the millionaires whom they held to be gods and stars etc. and angels etc. because of their money were at all times being inspected whether they have so much money, whether they are not gods without reason etc., and persons were appointed to supervise this at all times.)

Sometimes it would happen with them, that an animal became a person and a person an animal, since he no longer has money and so also the opposite. If one gained money, then the animal became a man, and with all their other degrees that were all dependent on money, it was just the same. Quite suddenly once ceased to be a god, as he had lost his money.

They used to have faces and portraits of the gods (those who had great wealth), and everybody had the portraits which they used to hug and kiss for with them money was their belief and their faith.

The followers of the Prayer Leader (who had been to the country before etc.) returned to their place, and they reported to the Prayer Leader on the foolishness of the country, how they had become so misguided and lost in the lust for money, and that they wished to leave their country for another country (where money is manufactured etc.), and they now want to create stars and fortunes (etc.). The Prayer Leader said that he was afraid that they should not become even more misguided. After that is was heard that they had already made god (etc.), so the Prayer Leader said, “Just this was what I meant, of this I was afraid,” (that he always used to say he was afraid they should not be even more misguided, this was his meaning).

So the Prayer Leader had great pity on them, and he decided that he himself would go there. Perhaps he would lead them out of their foolishness. The Prayer Leader went there, and he came to the guards who stood around every mountain etc., and the guards were probably persons of little account who were permitted to stand in the air of the world, since the persons who held degrees, because of their money, could not possibly mingle with the world, and they could not stand in the air of the world so as not to be contaminated (etc.), and they could not possibly talk with the world, so that they be not contaminated by the breath of the mouth (that is, this foolish country considered the world polluted compared with them etc.). Therefore, no doubt the guards who stood outside the town must have been of small account, but the guards also had the portraits (of their gods), and these portraits they used to hug and kiss at all times, since with them, too, the main faith was money.

So the Prayer Leader came to a guard and began to talk to him of the purpose in life, that the most important purpose is only service of G-d, Torah study, prayers and good deeds; money is just foolishness and is no purpose whatsoever etc. But the guard refused to listen to him, for with them it was already so deep-rooted that money was the only main purpose. Thus the Prayer Leader went to all the guards and spoke to them in like manner, and they would not listen to him.

So the Prayer Leader made up his mind and went right into the town which was situation on the mountain (etc.). When he entered the town, it was a great wonder to the inhabitants, and they asked him, “How did you come in here?” for no single man could approach them (etc.). He answered them, “Why do you ask? I have nonetheless entered.” The Prayer Leader started to talk with one about the purpose of the world, that money is not at all the purpose etc. (as was his custom), and the man would not listen to him, and so the next, and all of them (none would listen to him), because they were all already so misguided in their foolishness that they would not listen to anybody, and it was a wonder to these people that someone was to be found who could come to them and talk in this manner, quite against their faith.

So they realized that this must be the Prayer Leader, because they had already heard that there existed such a Prayer Leader in the world, since the matter of the Prayer Leader was already published throughout the world (etc.), and he was called all over the world, “The pious Prayer Leader.” But they could not apprehend him, because with each one he was differently disguised. To this one he looked like a merchant, and to that one like a pauper etc. etc., and immediately he escaped (he quickly went away from them).

Came the day. There was a warrior around whom were gathered many strong men. The warrior and his followers went and conquered countries. The warrior wanted no more than subjection (that they should be subject to him), and if the country surrendered to him, he would leave them alone, and if not, he would annihilate them. So he went and always conquered (took over) countries.

Money he did not want, only submission, that people should be subject. And the procedure of the warrior was: He would send his men into the country while he was still fifty miles distant from the country to ask them to surrender to him, and so he always took over countries.

The merchants of the country of wealth etc., who used to have dealings with other countries etc., these merchants came home and told about the warrior and great fear fell upon them. They would have agreed to surrender to him, but they heard that he despised money, and that he wanted no money at all, and this was altogether against their faith, and therefore they could not surrender to him, for to them this amounted to conversion, because he did not believe in their faith, namely in money, and they were very much afraid of him.

They began to perform their services and to bring sacrifices to their gods (to those who possess great wealth) and they took an animal (a person who had little money who to them was an animal) and brought him as a sacrifice to their gods (etc.), and thus they performed their other services (that is the things with which they used to serve their gods). The warrior came even nearer to them and he began to send his men to them to know what they wanted, as was his custom etc., and there was great fear on them and they did not know what to do.

So the merchants gave them this advice. They (the merchants), had been in a country where all the inhabitants are gods and travel with angels. That is, in that country, the whole country, from small to great, are all of such astonishingly great wealth, that even the smallest in that country is a god. The smallest in that country is so wealthy and possesses so much money, as much as y them (in their own country) is decreed that with so much money one is a god etc. and they ride on angels, since their horses are covered with so much wealth and gold and such like, that the covering of a horse (in that country) amounts to as much as an angel with them. (That with so much as the covering of a horse amounts to in that country, with them possession of so much entitles one to rank as an angel.) Therefore they ride with angels, they harness three pairs of angels, and ride them. Therefore you should send to that country, and they will surely help you for they are all gods” (All this was the advice of their merchants) This advice sounded very good to them, for they believed that they would surely be helped through that country, for they are all gods etc.

The Prayer Leader decided that he would once again go to that country, perhaps he would yet lead them out of their foolishness, and he arrived there. He came to the guards and he began to discuss with one guard according to his custom. The guard told him about the Warrior, that they have great fear of him. The Prayer Leader asked him, “What do you intend to do?” So the guard told him the whole matter etc., that they will send to the country where all are gods etc., etc. The Prayer Leader made great fun of him and said to him, “This is a very great foolishness, for they are men like us (the country to which they wanted to send, they are only men) and no one is a god, there only exists one G-d in the world : He who created all, and Him alone we should serve, and to Him we must pray, and only this is the chief goal in this world,” and similar talk the Prayer Leader held with the guard, and the guard refused to listen, because with them, their foolishness was too deep-rooted for it had been in them for such a long time, etc.

But the Prayer Leader kept on arguing and talking till, in the end, the guard answered him, “What more can one do? I am only one,” and this looked now like somewhat of a sign of repentance because the talk that the Prayer Leader previously had with the guard and what he now spoke seemed to come together till they somewhat moved him (for the reply that the guard answered, “What can I do?” etc., this showed that the talk of the Prayer Leader had begun to penetrate a little into his heart). Thus the Prayer Leader went to the next guard, and spoke to him also according to his custom, etc., and he would not listen, but, in the end, he also gave the same answer etc. etc., “I am after all only one,” etc., and thus all the guards gave him the same answer in the end.

After that the Prayer Leader went into the town and again started to talk with them as was his custom that they are all in great error and that money is absolutely not the end goal, that the main end goal is that people should busy themselves with Torah and prayer etc. they would not listen to him, for they were already deep-rooted in money for a long time. They told him about the warrior, and that they want to send for help to the country where all are gods etc. etc. He ridiculed them and told them this was foolish, and “they are all simple men, and they will not be able to help you at all because you are men, and they are men, and they are no gods at all, only one G-d Blessed be He exists etc.”

As regards the warrior, he spoke up (in this way): “Isn’t it that warrior…?” (like one who is wondering if it is not the one he knows). They did not understand what he meant, and thus he went from one to the next and argued with them in this manner etc., and as regards the warrior, to each one he said, “Isn’t it that warrior…?” etc. etc., and they did not understand the meaning of his talk. Meantime there arose a great noise in the tow, that there is a person who talks thus, who makes ridicule of their faith, and he says that there exists only One, that is G-d Blessed be He etc., and of the warrior he kept on saying, whether it is not that warrior, etc. etc.

So they realized that this must surely be the Prayer Leader, for the Prayer Leader was already known among them etc. So it was ordered that he should be sought and apprehended, even though he was differently disguised every time (once he would be disguised as a merchant and once as a pauper etc., because of which he could not be caught etc.,), but of this they were also aware, that the Prayer Leader disguised himself differently every time, so they ordered that he be searched for and caught.

So a search was made for him, and he was caught (the Prayer Leader), and he was brought before their elders and they started to talk with him. He said the same also to them etc., “You are all in error and in great foolishness, and this is absolutely no end goal, that is money is no end goal. But there is One only in existence, that is the Creator, Blessed by His Name, who has created everything. Only He must be served, and money is simply foolishness, etc., and the country where you say they are all gods, they will not be able to help you at all, because they are simply human beings, and you are human beings, tec.” (Thus the Prayer Leader spoke to them.) So they regarded him as insane, since the whole country was already so steeped in money and had become misguided therein, till whoever would say anything against their foolishness, they looked upon as insane. They asked him, “What is it that you say about the warrior, if “it is not that warrior, etc?”

So he answered them, “I was once by a King and by this King a warrior was lost, and if this is that warrior, I am acquainted with him. Further, the fact that you rely upon the country where you say they are all gods, that is foolishness, because they will not be able to help you in the least. On the contrary, this will bring about your downfall if you rely on them.” They asked him, “How do you know this?” (that the country cannot help them, and they will be overwhelmed through this).

So he answered, “The King by whom I was possessed a Hand, that is, the King had a thing like a hand with five fingers and all signs (all creases and all markings) that exist on a hand. This Hand was the map of all the worlds, and all that happened since heaven and earth were created till the end and what will happen afterwards was figured on that Hand. For in the lines and creases of the Hand there was figured the picture of all Planets, how each planet stands with every thing in every world detailed, everything clearly depicted on the Hand, just a shown on a map. (As is known to those with knowledge of a map, that is, there is drawn on a paper each town and each country, rivers and bridges, mountains and other things, streams and forests etc., and by each thing is written this is that town, and this is that country etc.). Thus on the Hand there were depicted all the Planets through the marks and creases on the Hand, and in the crevices of the Hand there were something like letters, like on a map there is written near each thing, so as to know what it is, that is to know that this is this town, and here is the river, and likewise other things. Thus it was exactly designated by means of the marks on the Hand, like letters, which letters were near every thing that was shown on the Hand, so as to know the meaning of every thing that was drawn there, and the thus every country separately, and every town and all rivers and bridges and mountains and other things (that exist in the world and in all the planets). All was drawn on the Hand by means of the marks and creases o the Hand, and next to everything there were letters that this is this thing, and this is that thing, etc.

Thus all the people who go about in every country and all their experiences (all that a person goes through during his life) were all drawn on that Hand, and there were even drawn all communications from one country to the other and from one place to the next. And by this means I knew the way to enter here into the town that no single person can come here (because the land of money dug trenches around their towns and none could approach them etc.), and so if you want to send into the next town, I know the way also, all from the Hand.

Thus there was drawn on the Hand the way from one world to the next world, for there exists a road that by this road one can go up from the earth into heaven (for from the earth up to heaven one cannot go, because one does not know the way, and there was shown the road by which one should ascend to heaven). And there were shown all roads that exist from one planet to the other planet, because Elijah went up into Heaven by that road which was shown there. Moses our Leader ascended into Heaven by another road which was also shown there. And thus Enoch ascended into heaven by yet another road, which was also depicted there, and thus from one world to the next (even higher) was all depicted on that Hand through the marks and creases on the Hand.

And on the Hand was shown everything how it was when the world was created and how it is now and how it will be afterwards. For instance, Sodom was there shown, how the town looked first, before she was overthrown, and again it was shown there how Sodom was overthrown, and again Sodom was shown there how it looks today after the overthrowing. For on the Hand was drawn what had been, what is at present, and what will be.

And there on that Hand, I have seen that this country about which you say that they are all gods, all those persons who will come to them for help (i.e. that the country should help them), will both together have a downfall.”

All this the Prayer Leader told them, and to them it was a great wonder, for it could be recognized as spoken truth. Because it is known that on a map everything is drawn, so they understood that his words were true, because such could not be invented. For it can be seen that one can join two lines on the Hand to make a letter out of it. Therefore they realized that this was no madeup matter, and for them it was an amazing thing.

They asked him, “Where is the King? Maybe he will who us a way where to find money.”

He answered them, “Still you want money!” (in a manner of wonder and anger). “Do not talk about money!”

They asked him, “Nevertheless, even so, tell us where the King is.”

He answered them, “I also do not know of the King where he is. The thing happened like this: Once there was a King and a Queen, and they had an only daughter. When the time neared for her to be married, advisors were set up to hold counsel who should be given to her, and I was also there among the advisors (that is, the Prayer Leader who is telling all this to them), because the King liked me. My advice was that she be given the warrior, since the warrior had done us many favors, for he had conquered many countries and for this it was fitting to give him the princess for a wife. My advice was greatly approved and they all agreed thereto, and there was great rejoicing there, that a suitor had been found for the princess. The princess was married to the warrior. The princess gave birth to a child, and the child was of extraordinary great beauty, such as could hardly be human beauty. His hair was of told and possessed all colors, and his face was like the sun and his eyes were different lights. The child was born very wise, for it was seen in him immediately when he was born, that he was already a great sage, because if people were hold a discussion where one had to laugh, he laughed, and thus likewise other things. It was noticeable in him that he was very wise, but he had not yet the gestures of an adult, that is, he could not talk yet, and other things likewise, but this was immediately noticeable that he already was very wise.

The King had an orator, that is a speaker who speaks in terms of lyric, who could make beautiful speeches, recite beautiful sayings and poetry and praises to the King. This orator also was a handsome orator, but the King showed him the method and the path by which he should take the power of the knowledge of orator, and through this he was a very very great orator. Then the King had a sage. This sage was naturally very wise, but the King showed him a path by which he should obtain wisdom and through this he was a very very great sage.

Likewise the warrior was naturally a warrior, but the King showed him the path by which he should take heroism, and through this he was a very very great warrior. For there is a sword that hangs suspended in the air, and this sword has three powers: if one lifts the sword, all the generals of the army run away in panic, and so they have a downfall (the enemies), since if the generals run off, there is none to lead the war, so of course they are overcome. But nevertheless, the others might perhaps be able to carry on the fighting, so the sword has two sharp edges and they have two powers. By one edge they all fall, and by the other edge, they waste away (the enemies with whom battle is being fought), that is they become lean, and their flesh falls off them just like the know disease (heaven protect). Just because one gives a thrust with the sword there where it is, the enemies receive all these things etc., that is to say, by that which one makes a thrust with the edge, the enemies are overwhelmed and by that which a thrust is made with the other edge, the enemies are disabled etc. The King showed the warrior the path that exists to the sword, and from there he took his great heroism.

“To me, the King also showed the path by which I should take my thing, so I took from there that which is necessary for me.” (The Prayer Leader who is telling all this, said that him also the King show the path by which to take his thing, that is Prayer).

And so the King had a faithful friend (a good and devoted friend) between the King and whom there was great love, they loved each other so, till they could not be one without the other, not to see each other for one hour. But there are still times when people must not be together, so they had portraits on  which were pained both their faces, so they would enjoy (derive pleasure and joy from) these portraits whenever they could not see each other. These faces were pained s as to show the King and his friend in their affection, how they kiss and embrace with great love. These portraits possessed a virtue that whoever looked at these faces, received a feeling of great love (the virtue of love was transmitted if one looked at these faces). And the devoted friend also took that love (the affection) from the place which the King showed him.

There came a time when all these went into his place, to take from there his power for his thing, that is the orator and the warrior and all the followers of the King, each went into his place in order to renew his power.

Came the day. There was a great whirlwind (a storm wind) over the world and the whirlwind confused (mixed up) the whole world, and it made dry land of the sea and sea of the land; and of desert, habitation, and of habitation, desert, and caused upheaval in the whole world. The whirlwind entered into the King’s residence and the whirlwind did nothing there (that is at the King’s residence it did no damage at all), but it entered (the whirlwind) and snatched away the child of the princess etc., and in the upheaval, as soon as it snatched away that dear child, the princess immediately followed (the princess immediately started to run after the child to retrieve him, so she also strayed somewhere, and no-one knows where). And thus the Queen and thus the King; they all followed after the child till they all became separated, and nobody knows where they are.

All of us were not present at the time, for then we had gone away each into his place to renew his power etc., and when we returned we already did not find them all etc. And the Hand was also lost at that time. Since then we have all become separated, and we can no longer go each one into his place to renew his power, because, since the world has become overturned, other roads are necessary now, therefore we cannot go up a.p[=gain, each one into his place to take his power. Bu the list that remained with each one (that is the sign, i.e. the little power that remains with each one since long ago) is also very great, and if the warrior (of whom the country stood in fear) is the warrior of that King, then he is certainly a very great warrior.” (All this was told by the Prayer Leader to the people etc.)

They listened to his talk in great wonder, and they retained the Prayer Leader with them, and they already would not let him depart from them (Because perhaps the warrior who is about to come upon them is the warrior of the King, etc., with whom the Prayer Leader is acquainted.)

The warrior etc. was all the time coming nearer to the country, and every time he sent his messengers to them till he came to the country; he halted beyond the town, and sent his messengers in to them (that they should let him know what they want, whether to surrender or not etc.). They were in great fear of him, so they begged the Prayer Leader to give them his advice. The Prayer Leader said to them, “We must consider the conduct of the warrior in order to recognize through this whether this is the warrior of that King etc.”

So the Prayer Leader went out to the warrior and he came to the army of the warrior, and he began to talk with one soldier from among the troops who followed the warrior (with one of the guards, in order to consider whether this was the warrior with whom he was acquainted). The Prayer Leader asked him, “What is your calling, and how did you all come together with your warrior?”

He answered him (that one of the soldiers answered the Prayer Leader), “This is how it happened. It is recorded in their chronicles that there was once a great whirlwind (a stormwind) in the world, and this whirlwind upset the whole world. It turned sea into land, and land into sea, and wilderness into habitation, and habitation into wilderness, and it mixed up the whole world, and after the noise when the whole world had become so mixed up, after that the people of the world decided they wanted to appoint themselves a King. So they began to consider who was qualified to be made a King over them, so they resolved that as the most important thing is the ultimate purpose, therefore whoever is busiest and most active in this aim of the world, that one is worthy to be King.

So they began to consider what is the ultimate purpose, so among them emerged many opinions. Some said, the main purpose is honor, for we see that honor is the main thing in the world, since if a person is not given due honor, if he is spoken to some word contrary to his honor, he feels as if his blood was spilt because the main purpose is honor in the world, and after death one is also particular about giving the deceased his due honor, burying him with honor, and so on. And he is told that, ‘All that is being done to you is being done on account of your honor,’ even though after death nobody wants any money and the deceased certainly does not hanker after anything. Nevertheless, still about the honor of the deceased people are particular, and his honor is protected. Therefor we find that honor is the chief ultimate purpose in the world. And such other opinions and proofs were brought forward by these people, that honor is the chief purpose in the world, till they decided that the main purpose is honor. For this reason they must seek a man of honor (that is a person who has honor), and in addition this person should pursue honor, since, because the person has honor and pursues honor, and he helps the nature that desires honor, therefore this person is energetic and follows the purpose and has reached the purpose, since the purpose is honor etc. Therefore this person is suitable to be a King. This was the foolish opinion of a part of them, and thus they discovered foolish proofs and argument till they were misguided therein, and said that honor is the purpose. (And thus all those factions that will be mentioned hereafter, all had foolish proofs for their foolish opinions).

“So they went in search of such a person. They went and saw how an old beggar, a gypsy, was being carried, and about five hundred gypsies were following, and the beggar was blind, crippled and dumb, and the people followed him, because they were all his relations, for he had brothers and sisters, and his own children, till they were a multitude, all those who followed after him and carried him. The old beggar was very particular about his honor, for he was very fierce, and kept on giving a great shout at them, and constantly demanded that others should carry him, and constantly shouted at them. Therefore the old beggar was a man of great honor, since he had such honor and pursued honor, for he was very particular about his honor. For this reason the beggar pleased them, and they accepted him as King.

“And because land also gives rise to things, there exists a country which causes and inclines to honor. Likewise there exists a country which attracts other virtues. Therefore the faction (with whom the main purpose was honor) sought a country which would attract and bring about honor. They found a country with these virtues, and there they settled.

“Some said that not honor is the main purpose, and they considered that the main purpose is murder, because we see that everything that exists in the world must all be lost and whatever exists in the world, grass, and all fruits, and people, and everything in the world must all in the end become naught. Therefore the end goal of all things is that they disappear (become destroyed), so for this reason a murderer, who kills and destroys people, brings the world to its goal, and they therefore decided that the goal in annihilation.

So they sought a person who should be an assassin, ill-tempered and very envious, because such a person is near to the goal (according to their misguided idea), and such a one is suitable to be a King. So they went in search of such a person. They heard screams and asked, “What is this screaming?” They were answered, “These screams are that a man killed his father and mother.”

“So they spoke up and said, “Where can we find another such murderer who would have such a hard heart and be so ill-tempered as to kill his father and mother? This person has reached the goal.” (The one who killed his father and mother). And he well pleased them, and they acclaimed him their King. They sought a country that would be conducive (that would include to this) to murder so they chose a place among hills, where murderers can keep themselves and they went there, and they settled themselves there with their King.

“Another faction said that he who is fit to be a King has plenty of food and does not eat the food of other people, only delicate things, and that such a person is suitable to become a King. But they could not immediately find such a person who would not eat the food of other people, so they chose in the meantime a wealthy man who had plenty of provisions (and his food was somewhat more delicate) till they would find such a person as they wanted, who would not eat etc. etc., and meantime they made the wealthy man their King, till they would find such a person as they wanted etc., and then the wealthy man would give up the Kingdom, and they would appoint the other as King. And they chose for themselves a country which would attract suchlike, and they went and settled themselves there.

“Some said that a beauty if suitable to be a king, because the main goal in the world is that the world should be inhabited with people, since for this purpose was the world created and because a beauty encourages desire through which settlement is increased in the world, (since more people are born) therefore she leads to the goal. For this reason a beauty is entitled to be a king. So they selected a beauty and she became king over them, and they sought a country which would be suitable for their purpose and they went and settled themselves there.

“One faction said that the main goal is speech, since the difference between a man and an animal is only speech, and this is the main thing in which a man is greater than an animal, and therefore this is the main goal (speech). So they searched for a speaker (a talker), who should be a master of speech, who should know many languages and should always talk a lot, because such a person has attained the goal. So they went and found a crazy Frenchman who went about talking to himself. They asked him whether he knew languages, and he knew several languages, and such a person must certainly have attained the goal (according to their foolish misguided opinion), since he is a master of tongues and knows several languages, and he talks a great deal, for he talks even to himself. For this reason he pleased them well, and they accepted him for a King. They chose themselves a country that would suit their purpose, and they went and settled themselves there with their King and he no doubt guided them in the proper way.

“Some said that the main goal is rejoicing, because when a child is born, there is rejoicing, at a wedding there is joy, when one conquers a country there is gladness, therefore the main goal of all is only rejoicing. For this reason they sought a person who would always be joyful, because such a one would have attained the goal and is qualified to be King over them. So they went in search and they saw a heathen walking in an ugly shirt and carrying a bottle of brandy, and he was followed by many heathens, and the heathen was very jolly, since he was very drunk. They saw that the heathen was very joyful and he had no cares whatsoever, so they were very well pleased with this heathen, because he had attained the goal, since the goal is only joy. So they accepted the heathen as King over them, and he no doubt guided them in the right direction. And they chose themselves a country which should be suitable thereto, that is, where vineyards exist so as to make wine and from the seeds of the grapes to make brandy. And no single thing of the grapes should be wasted, because this was for them the main goal, that they drink and get drunk and always be rejoicing, even though they know not for what, for they had nothing at all to rejoice over, still, nevertheless, this was to them the main goal, that they be always joyful and they chose themselves a country suitable for this etc., and they went and settled themselves there.

“Some said that the main goal is wisdom, and they sought a great sage and made him King over them, and they sought out a country suitable to wisdom, and they went and settled themselves there.

“Some said that the main goal is to feed well, to eat and drink, to enlarge the limbs, and they sought a man of limbs, that is, one who possesses large limbs and feeds himself to enlarge his limbs. Since, because he has large limbs, he has more share in the world, for he occupies more room in the world, and such a person is nearer to the goal, since the goal is to increase the size of the limbs. Therefore such a person is fit to be a King. They went and found a tall man who pleased them, because he was a possessor of limbs, and he was at the goal, so they appointed him King And they sought a country that would be suitable thereto, and they went and settled themselves there.

“There was another faction which said that all these things are all no goal at all, but the real goal is that people should only occupy themselves in prayer to the Blessed Name, and one should be modest and of little pride (that is one should not think highly of oneself) etc. They sought then a Prayer Leader and they made him a King over them.”

(It can be understood that all these factions etc. all made a mistake and were all misled into great foolishness, each group in its foolishness, through their foolish logic and foolish conclusions, except the last group. These rightly found the real truth, and happy are they.)

All this was told by one of the warriors before the Prayer Leader, and he told him further that: “They (the warriors who went with the warrior etc.) belong to the sect of the Masters of Limbs (the sect who said that the main goal is only to feed in order to enlarge the limbs) who had appointed as their King a Master of Limbs etc. (a huge person etc.).”

Came the day when a company of them went (that is there walked together many persons of the sturdy ones) with the baggage wagons which carried after them food and drink, and likewise other things. Of the Limb People the world was surely afraid, because they were big persons and warriors, and whoever met them would surely make way. Meantime, while the company of limb people were thus marching, a great warrior came to meet them. And this warrior did not make way for them, and he went right into the company and he spread them out here and there. The men of the company were afraid of him, and he (the warrior) went in among the wagons etc. which were following them, and he devoured everything that was there. This was incredible news to them (that that one is such a warrior that he is not afraid of them and went in among them and ate up all that was on the wagons). So they immediately fell down before him, and immediately said, “Long live the King” (that is, they at once made him King), because he certainly is entitled to the Kingdom, according to their opinion that the main goal is the one who is a master of limbs etc. The King will surely surrender to him the Kingdom, because he is surely entitled to reign, since he is such a warrior, such a master of limbs.

So it was, they accepted him as King (the warrior who met them etc.), and that is the warrior that we go with now to conquer the world. He said (the warrior who has here become King over them) that by this he means something different, with his intention to conquer the world, since he does not at all mean that the world should be under him, but with this he means something different.” (All this was being told by one of the warriors to the Prayer Leader, who had asked him how they came together with the warrior, so he answered him all this).

The Prayer Leader asked him, “In what lies the greatness of the warrior that is now your King?”

He answered them, “One country refused to surrender to him, so the warrior took his sword that he has, and this sword possesses three virtues: when she is lifted, all the officers of the army run away (all the seniors) etc.,” and he enumerated the three virtues that are mentioned above, from whence the warrior of the King took his power etc.

As soon as the Prayer Leader heard this, he realized that this is surely the warrior of the King etc. So the Prayer Leader requested if it was possible for him to see the warrior who is their King. The reply given was: He must be asked for an appointment. They went and announced him. So he ordered that he should come in, and the Prayer Leader went into the warrior. As soon as he entered his room, they recognized on another, and between them there was very great rejoicing that they had been privileged to come together. Between them there was joy and tears (happiness and weeping), for they each recollected the King and his followers, and at this they wept, therefore between them there was joy and weeping.

The Prayer Leader and the warrior began discussion how each came to be here. The warrior related to the Prayer Leader: At the time when the whirlwind occurred when they were all separated, as soon as he returned from the place where he went to renew his strength and did not find the King with all his people etc., he let himself wander wherever his feet led him. He passed them all, that is, he understood that he was at the place where the King is and where all his people are, that is, he was in a place, and he understood that there in that place the King surely is, but he could not seek and find him. Thus he passed a place, and he understood that there the queen is for sure, but he could not seek and find her, and thus he passed over all the people of the King, “only you, I did not pass over,” (that is, the warrior who o=is relating this, said to the Prayer Leader, that he passed by all the places of all the people, only by the place of the Prayer Leader he did not pass).

The Prayer Leader answered him, “I went by all the places of them all and by your place took for as I was walking o=in one place, I saw the crown of the King standing, so I understood that the King surely is here, but I could not seek and find him. And thus I went further, and I passed a sea of blood, so I understood that the sea surely was created by the tears of the Queen who weeps over all this, and the queen is surely here, but I could not seek and find her. Thus I went past a sea of milk, so I understood that the sea surely came into being from the milk of the princess whose child had been lost so she spread out the milk and from that the sea of milk was created so the princess is surely here, but I could not seek and find her. Thus I went further, so I saw lying there the golden hairs of the child, and I did not take any of them, and I knew that here the child must surely be, but it was not possible to seek him and find him. Thus I went further, and I passed a sea of wine, so I knew that the sea was surely created by the talk of the orator who stands and talks consolation (that is consolingly) before the King and the Queen. And afterwards he turns his face and consoles the princess, and from these talks was created the sea of wine, but I could not find him. Thus I went further, so I saw a stone standing, on which there was engraved something like the Hand with the creases and lines (that is like the Hand with all the marks etc. that was in the King’s possession etc.). So I understood that here is surely the sage (of the King), and that the sage had engraved this figure of the Hand on that stone, but it was not possible to find him. So on I went, and I saw how the golden tables, and the show cupboards, and the other treasures of the King were arranged on a mountain. So I understood that here is surely the Minister of the King’s treasures (the one who is in charge of all the treasures), but it was not possible to find him” (all this was told by the Prayer Leader to the warrior).

Answered the warrior, “I too, passed by all these places, and I did take of the golden hairs of the child, for I took seven hairs that possess all colors, and I hold them very precious I sat and subsisted on anything possible, grass and such lie, till I had nothing left to support life, so I let myself go wherever my feet would carry me, and when I departed from that place, I forgot my bow there.”

Answered the Prayer Leader, “I saw that bow, so I knew that this is surely your bow, but I could not find you.”

The warrior continued his narrative to the Prayer Leader, “Shortly after I left that place, I wandered about in this manner, till I met this company etc. (the rest of the warriors with great limbs etc.). So I went in among them because I was very hungry and wanted to eat. As soon as I came in among them, they immediately proclaimed me their King etc., and now I go to conquer the world, and my intention is, perhaps I may be able to find the King and his people etc.”

So the Prayer Leader began to discuss with the warrior what is to be done with these people, that is, with this country, who are so deeply fallen into the urge or money, till they have come into such wild folly that those who have lots of money are gods to them, and thus all the other foolishness existing in the country.

The warrior answered the Prayer Leader that he had heard from the King that from all lusts, one who had succumbed to them can be rescued, but he who has fallen into the urge for money cannot be taken out of it by any means, “therefore you will not be able to do anything with them, because it is not possible to get them out of this, except through the road which exists to the sword etc.,” wherefrom he takes his strength etc. In this way alone can one who has fallen into the lust for money be cured of it. (So he heard from the King.)

The warrior and the Prayer Leader sat together a long time. Concerning the country etc. which had requested the Prayer Leader to meet the warrior on their behalf etc., they arranged a truce. That is, the Prayer Leader persuaded the warrior to grant them a truce. (That till that time he will not do anything to them.) So he gave them a time of freedom. After that they arranged certain signals between them, that is, the Prayer Leader and the warrior made signals between themselves in order that one should be able to get information from the other. Then the Prayer Leader departed on his way.

As the Prayer Leader was thus walking he noticed people walking and crying out to G-d Blessed be He, and praying, and they carried Prayer Books. So he was afraid of them, and they also were afraid of him. So he stood up to pray, and they too stood up to pray. Then he asked them, “Who are you?” They answered him: “At the time of the whirlwind etc. the world then was divided into many factions. Some chose this, and some chose that (as has been mentioned earlier about all those factions). At that time we chose as the main goal only to be occupied always in prayer to the Blessed Name. So we sought and we found a Prayer Leader, and we made him our King.” When the Prayer Leader heard this, he was very well pleased, for this was what he also wanted. So he began to discuss with them and he showed them the order of his prayers and his books and his things that he had for praying. As soon as they heard him speak, their eyes were opened, and they saw the greatness of the Prayer Leader, so they immediately made him King over themselves because their King passed the Kingdom on to him, for they saw that he was a very great man. So the Prayer Leader studied with them and opened their eyes and showed them how to pray to the Lord, and he made them into great righteous sages. For before this they were also righteous since they were occupied only in prayer, but eh Prayer Leader opened their eyes till they became great righteous sages. So the Prayer Leader sent a letter to the warrior, and informed him that he had been privileged and found such people as he wanted and had become King over them.

The country (the country of money with whom money was the end and aim etc. etc.) continued to busy themselves with their procedures and with their sins (that they used to do wild things and bring sacrifices to their gods, that is to those who possessed much money etc.). The period of armistice that the warrior granted them began to near expiration, so they were very afraid and intensified their services and brought sacrifices and burnt incense and occupied themselves with their prayers that they used to offer up to their gods. They would catch an animal, that is, a person who had very little money, and make him a sacrifice to their gods, and they finally decided that they must follow the first advice that was given them—that they should send to the country where they are all gods, since there they all possess unusually great wealth(which according to their thinking makes them all gods etc. etc.), and that country will surely help them, since they are all gods etc. This they did and sent messengers that that country etc.

Meanwhile, on the way, as the messengers were journeying, they lost their way. They saw a man who was walking with a stick, which was of greater value than all their gods, that is, his stick was encrusted with very precious diamonds which made the stick worth more than the wealth of all their gods, combining all the wealth of their gods and even that of the gods of that country to which they were going: the stick was worth more than all this wealth. Again the man wore a hat that contained diamonds that made the hat also of enormous value. When the messengers saw this man, they immediately fell down before him, bowing and prostrating themselves (that is, they bowed to him again and again) for by their foolish thinking this man was a god over all gods, for he had amazingly great wealth (and the man they had met was the Minister in charge of the treasures of the King etc.). So the man said to them: “Is this to you such a wonder? Come with me and I will show you wealth.” He led them up the mountain where there were arranged the treasures of the King, and he showed them the treasures.  When they saw the treasures, they immediately fell down in humble devotion, for this surely was a god over all gods (according to their foolish misguided thinking which to them made the chief faith out of money etc.). But they did not bring any sacrifices because, according to their thinking, if this was such a mighty god etc. they would certainly have sacrificed themselves to him, but the messengers had been warned that during the journey no sacrifices should be brought, because they were afraid that if they made sacrifices on the journey, nothing would be left of them (none of them would remain). For perhaps one of them might find a treasure on the way, perhaps one of them might go into a lavatory and find a treasure there, he would want to sacrifice himself to it, so nobody would be left of them. For this reason the country warned the messengers that during the journey they should bring no sacrifices.

So the messengers came to think, for what should they journey to those other gods, that is, to the country to which they had been sent, where all there are of great wealth, and whom they look upon as gods, since this many will better be able to help them, for he is a god over them all (according to their crazy thinking) for he possesses such a wondrous great amount of wealth, more than all of them (many times multiplied). Therefore they begged this man to accompany them in to their country, and he agreed to their request, and went along with them.

They came into their country, and the country hailed him with great rejoicing that they had acquired such a god. For now they were assured that through him they would certainly have assistance, for he was such a god, and he had such great wealth. The man ordered (he who was Minister over Treasures of the King etc.), that till there is a law in the country, there should not be brought any sacrifices in the meantime (for the Minister in reality was a very just man, since he was of the followers of the King who were all great righteous sages, so the Minister must surely have abhorred the foolish customs of that country, but he could not yet bring them out of the evil ways. Therefore he ordered that in the meantime at least no sacrifices should be brought).

The country began to entreat him as regards the warrior etc., and the Minister answered them also, if it wasn’t that the warrior (that he knows). So the Minister rose and went out to the warrior and he requested the followers of the warrior if it were possible for him to see him. They said they would enquire. They enquired, and he ordered that he be admitted, so the Minister went into the warrior. Each one recognized the other, and between them there was joy and tears etc. (that they were very glad that they were privileged to find each other, and again wept bitterly, “How can we find all the others etc.?”). So the warrior said to the Minister: “Our holy Prayer Leader is also here, and I have already seen him, and he has already become a King.” So the Minister narrated to the warrior that he had passed by all, that is by the places of the King, and his followers etc., only by the two of the them he had not passed, that is by the place of the Prayer Leader and the warrior he had not passed.

So the Minister discussed with the warrior about the country where they have become so foolish, and have been so misguided in money till they have sunk deep in such folly. The warrior answered the Minister the same as he had answered the Prayer Leader, that he had heard from the King that he who falls into the temptation of money can never by any means be brought out of it, only through the road to the sword etc. etc. So again they agreed upon a postponement, that is, the Minister prevailed upon the warrior to give the country a further period of peace. So the warrior gave them a further time. After that they agreed upon signals between them, the Minister and the warrior; and the Minister departed from the warrior and he returned to the country.

The Minister surely used to reproach them for their evil ways, that they had sunk so deeply into the lust for money, but alas, he could not lead them out of it, since they were too firmly rooted therein. Still, nonetheless, because the Prayer Leader and the Minister had already talked with them so much, they had become somewhat easier, and they used to say, “If you please, take us out of it,” even though they still held strongly to their foolish thinking and had no wish at all to abandon their folly. Still, they would say, when they were approached: “Alright, if it is really so, that we are mistaken, then take us out of our folly.”

So the Minister spoke up to the country, “I will give you advice (against the warrior) because I know the strength of the warrior, from where he draws his might,” and he told them all about the sword etc. that from this the warrior takes his strength. “Therefore, I will go with you to that place of the sword etc., and by this means you will be able to stand up against the warrior (because you will also draw strength from there).” And the intention of the Minister was, when they reached that place of the sword, they would emerge out of their temptation for money (since through the orad that leads to the sword, through this, one comes out of the lust or money etc.).

The country accepted his advice and sent out the great ones among them that were gods to them, to go together with the Minister to the sword etc. (and the gods, that is their wealthy ones, who went with the Minister, no doubt were ornamented with jewels of gold and silver, for this was with them their chief goal).

So they went together, the Minister with the great ones of the country whom they called gods. The Minister informed the warrior about the matter, that he was going with them to seek the place of the sword, and his intention was, perhaps he would be privileged on the journey to find the King and his followers. So the warrior said, “I will also go with you.” The warrior disguised himself (so that the people who accompanied the Minister should not know that it was the warrior himself), and he also went with the Minister. So they decided (the Minister and the warrior) to inform also the Prayer Leader of this.

They informed him, and the Prayer Leader said, “I too, will go with them.” So the Prayer Leader went to them, and the Prayer Leader enjoined upon his followers before he departed, that they should pray for this, that the Blessed Name may prosper their way, and that they be privileged to find the King and his followers because the Prayer Leader always used to pray for this, that the King and his followers might be discovered and always requested his people to pray for this, and he arranged services, that they should pray for this end. Now that he wished to go to the Minister and the warrior, in order to join them in seeking the King and his followers, he more than ever enjoined upon them to keep on praying continually that they be privileged to find them. So the prayer Leader came to the Minister and the warrior, and no doubt there was great joy between them, rejoicing and tears etc. So all these three went together, that is, the Minister, warrior, the Prayer Leader; and the gods, the great ones of that country, went with them.

They walked and walked and arrived at a country. There were guards about the country, so they asked the guards: “What country is this, and who is your king?” The guards answered that at the time of the whirlwind, when, at that time, the world became divided into many factions (that is into many ideas and each faction had a different idea etc.), the people of this country chose for themselves that the chief thing is wisdom and chose for themselves a great sage for a King. Not long ago they found a very amazingly great sage who was an extraordinarily clever man, so the King made way for him to take over the Kingdom, and they proclaimed him Kin, for to them the chief thing is wisdom. So the three said (the Minister, the warrior and the Prayer Leader), “It looks as if this is our sage” (that is the sage of the King), so they asked if it were possible to be admitted to his presence.

They were answered, “You must be announced.” They went and announced them, and he ordered them to come in, so they (those three) came in to the sage who had become King in that country. Each one recognized the other, because the sage was really the sage of the King etc. And there surely was great rejoicing among them, rejoicing and tears, for they wept: “How can we find the King and the others?”

So they asked the sage whether he knew anything about the Hand of the King. He answered that the Hand was with him, but since the time when they were scattered by the whirlwind, since them=n he refused even to look into the Hand, because the Hand belonged to the King alone. But he had engraved for himself the figure of the Hand on a stone in order that it might be of use to him in his affairs, but into the Hand itself he never looked.

So they discussed with the sage how he came there. He narrated to them that since the time of the whirlwind he wandered about (and as he wandered, he passed by all except the three of them, that is by the places of the Prayer Leader and the warrior and the Minister, these he did not pass), till this country found him, and appointed him their King and for the time eing he had to guide them according to their customs, according to their teachings, till later he would lead them to the real truth.

So they discussed with the sage about the country where the inhabitants have become sunk in money etc., and they said: “If we had been scattered and spread out only for the sake of the country in order to correct them and lead them back to truth, it is also worthwhile, for these have been so misguided. For in truth all these factions, each of which had chosen its foolishness these chose honor and these murder etc. etc., have all been led astray, and it is necessary to lead them to the right goal, because even the faction which had chosen as their goal wisdom, these also did not achieve the true goal, and they must also be led out of it, because they held on to foreign wisdom and apostasy. Therefore of all the foolishnesses they can be easily guided out, but these in particular have been so misguided in the idol worship of money, and they are so sunken therein, that it is not possible to take them out of it.” The sage also answered them that he had also heard from the King that there is a way out of all temptations; except from the temptation of money none can be taken out, except through the road that exists to the sword, etc. So the sage said he would also go with them. They all four went, and the gods (the wealthy ones of the country) also went along with them.

They came to a country and they also asked the guards, “What country is this and who is your King?”

They were answered that at the time when the whirlwind happened then the people of that country chose for themselves that the chief thing is talk, and they appointed a talker who knew languages as King. Afterwards, they discovered a very great speaker, and such a master of languages, so they proclaimed him King, because their King made way for him to reign, since he was such a great speaker. So they realized that this must surely be the orator of our King etc., and they also asked if it were possible to have audience with the King. They were told an announcement must be made. They were announced and he ordered them to be admitted. They went in to the King and he was the orator of the King. They recognized one another, and among them there also was great rejoicing and weeping. So the orator also went along with them, and they set forth again in search, maybe they would find the others, for they saw that the Blessed Name was helping them, each time they found their friends, and they said the credit for this was due to their worthy Prayer Leader who was always praying for this, and through his prayers they were privileged always to find their friends.

So they journeyed on, maybe they would also find the others. They went on and came to a country and they also asked, “What sort of country is this, and who is your King?” They were answered that they are of the faction who chose for themselves that the goal is to get drunk and jolly, so they appointed a drunkard as a King, since he was always cheerful. Afterwards, they discovered a man who was sitting in a sea of wine, and he pleased them even better, because this one surely was a very great drunkard, since he dwelt in a sea of wine, so they appointed him King.

They also asked to see him, so they were announced, and were admitted in to the King, and that was the devoted faithful friend of the King who lived in the sea of wine which was created from the speech of the orator, who had comforted them etc. (and the country thought that he was a great drunkard because he lived in a sea of wine and accepted him as their King). When they came into him, they each recognized the other, and among them was great joy with weeping etc.

So the faithful friend also went along with them, and they journeyed further and came to a country and asked the guards: “Who is your King?” They answered that their King was a Beauty because she stimulated the main goal, for the goal was settlement of the world (that is the world should be populated with people) etc., and previously they had had a beauty for a Queen; afterwards they discovered a Beauty whose loveliness was extraordinarily exceptional, and they appointed her Queen. So they realized this must surely be the princess, and they also asked if they could see her. They were announced and went in to the Queen and recognized her as the princess herself, and the rejoicing that there was can hardly be imagined. So they asked her: “How came you here?” and she told them that at the time when the whirlwind came and snatched away her dear child out of the cradle etc., she, during the panic, ran after the child and did not find him. So she spread out the milk and from this was created a sea of milk. After that the country found her and appointed her King over them.

There was great rejoicing there and they wept bitterly also over the dear child that was missing, and over her father and mother of whom she knew nothing.

And now that the warrior (who was her husband) had arrived in the country, the country now had a King too. So the princess begged the Prayer Leader that in the meantime he should go to her country and should meanwhile cleanse the people somewhat of their ugly evil, because since the chief end with them is a beauty, they must surely be very licentious and were sunk in lust, therefore she begged the Prayer Leader that he should go and should cleanse them a little from that. (That is, he should preach to them that they should not be so sunk in the ugly evil of adultery.) They should not be so coarse in this evil, because besides it being a temptation, it was also to them a sort of faith that this was the goal (for in all those sects, each of which had chosen its evil thing for a goal etc., so this evil thing was just like a faith, in that this was their end goal). For this reason she begged the Prayer Leader that he should go and cleanse them a little in the meantime.

Afterwards, they all went in search of the others, so they walked and came to a country, and they also asked, “Who is your King?”

They were answered that their King was one year old, for they belonged to the sect which had chosen for themselves that he who had much food, was not sustained by the food of other people, that one was qualified to be King. So they had appointed meanwhile a wealthy man as King. Afterwards, they found a man who lived in a sea of milk, so they were very pleased with him, because that man was sustained since he lived on milk, and he was not sustained by food that other people ate. Therefore they appointed him King, and for this reason he was called a One Year Old, because he lived on milk like a one year old (a child of one year). So they realized that this must surely be their child, and they requested to be allowed to see him. They were announced, and they were admitted in to him. They recognized him, and he also recognized them, even though he was an infant when he was snatched away. It follows because he was very clever since his birth, for he was born with great wisdom etc., therefore he recognized them, and they of course recognized him.

There certainly was very great rejoicing there. For all that, they still wept that they knew nothing of the King and the Queen, and they asked him, “How came you here?” So he related to them that when he was snatched away by the whirlwind, it carried him away where it carried him, and there he remained in that place, and he sustained himself with whatever he found there, till he came to the sea of milk. So he understood that that sea surely came from his mother’s milk, since she surely spread out the milk, and from that was made that sea. So he lived there on the sea of milk, and he was sustained by the milk. They the people of the country came and appointed him King.

After that they went on and they came to a country and they asked, “Who is your King?” They were told that they had chosen for themselves that murder was the end goal, so they appointed as King a murderer. After that they discovered a woman who was living in a sea of blood, and they appointed her as their King because they saw that she was surely a very great murderer, since she lived in a sea of blood. So they also asked to be allowed to see her. They were announced and were admitted in to her, and that was the Queen etc., who always used to weep, and her tears became a sea of blood etc. They each recognized the other, and there certainly was very great rejoicing there, but for all that, they still wept that they knew nothing yet of the King.

They traveled on and they came to a country. They asked, “Who is your King?” The answer was that they had chosen as King a man of honor (that is a person who had honor etc. etc.) for with them the chief aim was honor. Afterwards they discovered that in a field there sat an old man wearing a crown on his head. He Pleased them very much for he was of great honor since he was sitting in a field wearing a crown, and they appointed him their King. So they realized that this surely was their King himself. They asked if it were possible to see him. They were announced and they were admitted in to him. They recognized that this was the King himself, and the rejoicing that took place there one’s mind cannot fathom. The stupid gods (the very wealthy men of the land of wealth who had gone along with them) who had traveled with them did not for the life of them understand why there was such rejoicing there.

Now the holy unit had again come together, that is, the King and all the holy people. So they sent the Prayer Leader to all those countries (that is, the lands of all the sects where each sect had chosen for itself an evil thing for its goal etc.), that he should correct them and should cleanse them, he should guide them out of the straying. Each country he should lead out of its evil, and its folly, because they had all been misguided etc. Now the Prayer Leader surely had the ability to go to them and turn them back to the right path, for he had taken authority and permission from the kings of all these countries, for here there were all the kings etc. (because the King and the people who came together were all the kings of all these countries of the sects etc.). So the Prayer Leader went with their authority, that he might cleanse them and make them repent.

The warrior discussed with the King about the country where they were so sunk into the idolatry of money. So the warrior said to the King, “I have heard from you that through the path that I have to the sword, through this one can extricate him who has fallen into the temptation of money.”

The King answered him: “Yes, that is so.” So the King said to the warrior (the method how one can, through the path, take them out of the temptation of money), that, in the road that he takes to the sword, there exists a pathway on the side, and this pathway leads to a fiery mountain, and on this mount there lies a lion, and this lion, when he has to feed, goes and preys on the flocks and takes sheep and cattle and devours them. The shepherds are aware of this and they guard their sheep against him carefully. However, the lion totally disregards this, and if he wants to eat, he attacks the flocks, and the shepherds bang and eat and storm, but the lion hears none of this, but he takes himself sheep and cattle, and roars and eats them.

The fiery mount cannot be seen (that is, there is a mount of fire there, but it is not visible) and again on that side there also exists a path, and you come by that path to a place which is called Kitchen, and there in the Kitchen there are all kinds of dishes, and in the Kitchen there is no fire at all, but the dishes are cooked by the fiery mount etc. And the mount of fire is very far from there, but there are pathways and something like pipes from the volcano to the Kitchen, and in this way all the dishes are cooked etc. The Kitchen is also not to be seen, but there exists a mark, and birds stand there by the Kitchen and through this it is known that there is a Kitchen, and the birds flutter their wings and by this they light the fire and extinguish the fire, that is to say, by the birds fluttering their wings they blow up and kindle the fire. And again also by their fluttering, they extinguish the fire, so that the fire does not flame too strongly, and they blow up the fire as is necessary for the dishes, that is, for this dish such a fire is needed and for a different dish a different fire is needed, all according to the dish, so the birds blow on the fire. (All this the King tells the warrior). “Therefore you should lead them (the people of the land of wealth where they are gods), first against the wind, in order that they should inhale the smell of those dishes, afterwards, when you give them of these dishes they will certainly cast away the lust for money.”

The warrior did so and took these particular people, that is the great ones of the country of wealth, who are gods in their country, who came here with the Minister etc., and when they went out of their country with the Minister, the country gave them the power of authority that whatever they did should be done, and the whole country must stand by everything that they did.

So the warrior took these people and led them on this road (that the King told him etc.), and he brought them to the Kitchen where the cooked food is, and first he led them against the wind, so they inhaled the smell of the cooking. When they began to beg of him to give them of these good foods, he then led them away from the wind, so they started to shout: “There’s a great stink!” So he again brought them against the wind, and again they inhaled the good odor of the cooked foods. So again they implored him that he should give them of these foods, then he again led them away from the wind, and again they began to shout, “There’s a terrible stink!” So the warrior called out to them, “You can see that there is nothing here whatsoever that should stink, it must definitely be that you yourselves stink, because here there is nothing at all that should have an evil smell.”

Then he gave them of the cooked foods, and they ate of these foods, and immediately they started to throw the money away from themselves, and each one dug himself a pit and buried himself in the pit out of the great shame that fell upon him, for they felt how badly the money stank, since they had tasted of that cooking. They tore at their faces, and buried themselves, and could not lift up their faces. And each one was ashamed before the other (because this is the virtue of those foods, that whoever eats of these foods has a great hatred of money) for there, in that place, money is the greatest shame of all shamefulness. If one wants to utter words of scorn to another, he says to him, “You have money.” Because there money is a very great shame, and the more money one has, the more he is ashamed. For this reason they buried themselves out of great shame, and each one could not lift his face even before the other, especially before the warrior. Whoever still found in his possession perhaps a gulden or a groschen immediately got rid of it and threw it away.

Afterwards, the warrior came to them and took them out of their pits where they had buried themselves out of shame, and he said to them, “Come with me, since now you need have no more fear of the warrior, for I myself am the warrior.” They begged the warrior to give them of those foods in order to take them into their country, because they themselves would not certainly hate money, and therefore they wanted the whole country to throw off the lust for money.

So the warrior gave them of those foods, and they carried those foods in to their country, and as soon as they gave them of the foods, they all began immediately to throw away their money, and they buried themselves in the earth out of great shame. The very wealthy ones and the gods were even more ashamed. The small people who used to be called animals and birds were also ashamed of themselves that they had held themselves so lowly till now, because they had no money. For now they knew that on the contrary, money was the principal shame, because the foods contain within them such a virtue that whoever eats of these foods feels a great antipathy to money, since he feels the evil smell from money exactly as from excreta. So they all threw away their money and their gold and silver.

After that the Prayer Leader was sent to them and he gave them penances, means of correction and he cleansed them, and the King became King over all the world, and the whole world turned back to G-d Blessed be He, and they all occupied themselves with Torah and Prayer, and Repentance, and good deeds. Amen, so may it be. Blessed by G-d forever, Amen and Amen.

It says in Scripture that He of Blessed Name has an oven in one place and the fire is in another place, as it is written is Isaiah Chapter 31: “Says the Lord, whose hearth is in Zion, and whose furnace is in Jerusalem.” Many things from this story can be seen in this chapter.

The order of the King and his followers is thus:

The Prayer Leader and the warrior, the Treasurer and the Sage, the Orator and the Faithful Friend, the Princess and the Child, the King and the Queen, and they are ten things, and these ten correct the whole world, and take out each individual from his foolishness, and turn them all back to the real truth.

I shall also relate how people once were happy.