what is likutei moharan?

Likutei Moharan is the collected teachings and most important work of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. It is the fundamental text of Breslever Chassidim, and one of the most influential works in the Chassidic world in general.

The book is a collection of lessons, each of which is referred to as a “Torah” by R. Nachman, and compiled by his disciple Reb Noson, Rebbe Nachman’s foremost disciple. The first part of the book was printed in 1808, during the lifetime of Rebbe Nachman, while the second part was printed separately, only after his passing in 1810. Today’s current format, which combines both sections together, was published in 1821 by Reb Noson.

Part One: “Likutei Moharan” (286 lessons)

Part Two: “Likutei Moharan Tinyana” (125 lessons)

Among the many topics, the book also includes a series of lessons on the legends of Rabbah Bar Bar Chana and the articles of the Munkashi in Tractate Baba Batra, sermons on the legends of the Wise Men of Athens (Tractate Bechorot 8: 8), and commentary on Sifra DeTzniuta. Rebbe Nachman said, “Interpret it as you wish, but without altering the smallest law of the Shulchan Arukh.”

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Each lesson of Likutei Moharan listed below contains a link to corresponding lessons given by the Kenigs on Likutei Moharan that have been translated into English. In the near future, additional Hebrew and Yiddish resources will be added to these links for more advanced learning. Our goal is to offer material on as many lessons in Likutei Moharan as possible. Each item will be marked with three types of symbols. See the explanation below.

  • English shiur translated from Hebrew

    Lessons given by the Kenigs on Likutei Moharan that have been translated into English.

  • Text plus media

    The lesson in Likutei Moharan which includes recorded lessons by Reb Gedaliah Aharon Kenig, zt”l, and / or by his sons, Rav Elazar Mordechai, zt”l, and Rav Ephraim, shlita. This will give the opportunity to hear a teaching at the same time as following the original Hebrew text. These lessons greatly help those who are interested in a clear and simple understanding of Likutei Moharan.

  • Text only

    Only the original Hebrew text of the lesson in Likutei Moharan is available. Although other accompanying materials do not yet exist, you can still study the text itself, which is the heart of the matter…

  • No text yet

    Text and any available media still needs to be uploaded.

Likutey Moharan (Part One)