Three Simple Rules for the Pesach Seder

R’ Ephraim Kenig

  1. Don’t get angry or irritated at anything!!! That means when a child (or anyone else) spills something, don’t lose control, give a big blessing instead. Sit calmly at the table–it helps to make sure everyone has a place in advance! Conduct yourself with joy and goodness of heart. Seder night is an awesome event filled with tremendous shefa. Maintain a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, since all the blessing of the evening flows from this point. The yetzer hara would LOVE to steal it away from us if we get angry.
  2. Minimize your speech. Prepare yourself in advance and say only what is necessary and directly related to the seder. If it is unrelated to the seder or unnecessary words, don’t say it.
  3. Be simple. Be 100% confident that simply sitting down to eat matza and maror with the intention that this is what the Torah commands us to do, includes all possible mystical intentions and fulfills the mitzvah completely. This CERTAINLY brings the geula closer.

May we all be blessed with exactly what we need for the Pesach seder, including the right frame of mind.