INTEGRATING THE MIND THROUGH PERFECTED FAITH The sukkah is associated with King David. It is thus called the “Sukkah of David.” It could have been called by another name, like the “Sukkah of Israel” or the “Sukkah of Moses,” yet our sages connect sukkah to King David. The fourth evening of the holiday of Sukkot […]

HOW DO WE WIPE OUT AMALEK TODAY? ON PURIM, we are commanded to “remember what Amalek did to you” and to “erase the memory of Amalek.” How is this relevant to us today? The account of the war with Amalek is not merely a historical chronicle of a one-time event, but rather a description of […]

PHILOSOPHICAL INQUIRY & THE VACATED SPACE According to the Zohar, human beings are called by the name “Adam” by virtue of intellect and wisdom. It is impossible to separate intellect from the concept of a human being. Without intellect, the concept of “Adam” would not exist, since da’at, higher knowledge, is what defines a human […]

TRANSFORMING CRUELTY INTO COMPASSION There is an aspect of charity that is virtually unknown in the world. Aside from the actual deed of giving charity—tzedakah—there is a mandatory stage through which everyone must pass. G-d tells Elijah the Prophet, “I commanded the ravens to sustain you…”[1] Rebbe Nachman relates this to the idea of tzedakah, […]

“Every lack a person experiences, whether children, livelihood, or health, comes from oneself.”[1] ~ Rebbe Nachman of Breslev There is an old saying, “The One Who gives life will also provide for it.” In other words, since God created the world, He most certainly provides whatever we need to exist, whether livelihood, children, health, etc. […]

Every once in a while, a unique and remarkable soul is sent into the world to renew mankind with a previously unrevealed light. Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as the Arizal, was one such soul. During his brief two years in Tsfat five hundred years ago, he succeeded in revolutionizing the understanding of the Zohar, the […]

I would like to explain the concept of Man, Adam, according to the kabbalah and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. There are two things in the world in which everyone is familiar. One is a matter of belief, and the other, a matter of perception. The matter of belief is that there is […]

Everything is for the Good When one knows that everything they go through in life is for the good, it is as if they exist in the World to Come, m’eyn olam haba.[1] It is written that a person must make a blessing over the bad as well as the good.[2] What does it means […]

THE GREAT SONG OF CREATION Rebbe Nachman teaches about a flowing wellspring and a river whose waters are drawn from this spring.[1] The spring is considered the mystery of nekuda, a “point,” because it is described as a specific point from which water flows. This is related to the Hebrew letter yud [ י ] […]