Is God Angry at Us?

the global pandemic

R’ Ephraim Kenig

When a person goes through hard times, or any other more general type of trouble such as where we find ourselves in the world today, know the following: God is the One Who controls everything, and He knows exactly what He is doing. Not only does He know, but what He does, actually comes down to manifest itself in our lives, which is proof enough that it is the right reality for us at the moment.

Just don’t think that God brought this upon us because He is angry, God forbid, since the fact that He brought it shows the exact opposite. Even if God was indeed angry, the fact that He put us in this situation is already part of the tikkun—it is already repairing any anger He may have had.

Precisely times like these show that God is relating to us in order to fix and elevate us, so there will be no need for anger again. In other words, His anger has already passed. We are now in the phase of God’s desire, as it were, which shows that He is looking at us and our actions. This should make it easier to come to all sorts of decisions to improve ourselves, since God is waiting for us, not out of anger, but out of the desire and love that He has for us.

If you can take a swift hold of your life today and bring yourself to a better path on every level, God is waiting for you with open arms. If we can all awaken ourselves in teshuva, this awakening will most certainly ascend to Heaven and shut the mouth of the Accusing Forces. Through this, a shefa of life, health, healing and nachat will come down to us—shefa for everything we need. Amen.

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