How to Celebrate Pesach This Year

r’ ephraim kenig

Apparently, we need to celebrate Pesach this year in a way that we’ve never celebrated before, at least as things appear at the moment. God can do anything, and everything can be transformed to good in a second. Nonetheless, we need to be prepared—and if we must make Pesach under certain different circumstances, so these are exactly the circumstances that God wants. As I’ve mentioned before, if it isn’t going the way you want, then want the way it is going.

This means that everyone needs to see to it that they will observe Pesach this year. This means ensuring that there is matza and maror (the bitter herbs for the seder plate) at home, along with a joyous atmosphere and the holiday meals. Make sure to read the Passover Haggada, which leads us through every aspect of the Pesach seder—how and what to do. Of course, everyone has their own family customs, and whatever you don’t know or are unclear about, you can ask someone. Or ask other family members regarding your family traditions or anything else that is needed. In this way, little by little, we’ll pass through the holiday calmly and in a settled manner—exactly in the way that God wants for this moment.

We were redeemed in the month of Nisan, and the future redemption will also be in Nisan. We hope that it will be immediately, this year, as the verse says, “You are all alive today.” HaShem should bless us all with a chag kasher v’sameach, and a holiday of total freedom, may it be His will. Amen.

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